The ultimate purpose of this work is to replace white supremacy with justice.  The secondary purpose is to provide a logical and standardized process for speaking with white people about racism.  Since the problem being addressed in white supremacy, the logical solution to finding out more about how white supremacy is practiced is to go directly to the suspected source of white supremacy; white people.  Without speaking to white people about racism white supremacy no true progress can be made, especially around understanding white supremacy, the way it works, and the manner it succeeds in mistreating people on the basis of color.  We intend the Racism Interview Protocol to provide guidance for non-white people to properly interview white people who agree to speak openly and truthfully about racism white supremacy.




 The Racism Interview Protocol (RIP) is a companion work to the United Independent Compensatory Code System Concept; a textbook, workbook, for victims of racism/white supremacy.  The author of this book, Neely Fuller Jr. says “if you don’t understand racism/white supremacy, what it is and how it works, everything else you think you understand will only confuse you”.  Fuller also gives us the idea that white supremacy’s weapon is violence and greatest tool deception.  We believe this confusion is rooted in this violence and deception.  Victims who are confused about how they are being victimized are less likely to be free of mistreatment.  The RIP is intended to allow a non-white person to set up the most likely environment to gather information necessary to clear up confusion about white supremacy and how it works.


While Fuller’s work is very concentrated on “how” white supremacy is being practiced, and what to do about it, it pays virtually no attention to the question “why”.  With any problem we need to know “why”.  The Isis Papers, written by Dr. Francis Cress Welsing is a landmark book which gives us an answer to the question “why do white people practice racism?”  Welsing relies heavily upon Fuller’s basic analysis of a global system of white supremacy.  In her work, Welsing says white people have a mortal fear of genetic annihilation by non-white people and this fear is based upon the genetically recessive trait of white skin color.  Welsing theorizes that white people practice racism as a survival mechanism, and that in all areas of people activity white people dominate in a white over non-white formula to guarantee their own survival on planet earth as white people.


Many white people say they are not racist, in fact most white people would never admit to practicing such an inhumane behavior as racism.  This fact does not mean racism is not practiced, but lends further evidence that deception is a strong characteristic of those persons who are practicing racism and this fact complicates the matter of getting reliable information from suspect racists, white people.  Deception is codified into white supremacy so it must always be the first test that is run against what is being said.  A system of white supremacy requires deception to be codified within the psyche of white people so that lying to non-white people becomes easy and second nature with the end goal being survival.  It is a unending question as to whether white people know this is going on inside of their heads and hearts, but for the non-white person what is critical to learn is what can be done to end the cycle of violence caused by this phenomena.


It’s important to know what this document is NOT.  This protocol is NOT meant to identify racists.  The problem with actually identifying a racist is that once you have identified them, who can you prove it to?  Of course you can’t prove it to anyone unless the person openly declares his or herself a racist.  This document is NOT a method to trick white people into giving up information about racism.  In order to combat a system of white supremacy one cannot use deception since the white supremacist system of racism is based upon deception.  This document is NOT a secret document to be hidden and secretly passed about like as in espionage.  Under the system of white supremacy, non-white people must think, speak, and act as though there is no privacy and therefore no secrets.  This document is NOT a legal document and should be used by the reader with care, understanding that in no way should the suggestions and recommendations found herein be used to promote violence or illegal behaviors by the author.  The reader follows the recommendations herein at their own risk.


All information gathered from such interviews are asked to be forwarded to the websites http://www.thecode.net and/or http://www.counter-racism.com .  This information may be shared and used, but we recommend it not be altered.  Any alteration of this information should be done by the author to improve the United Independent functioning of this tool to help replace white supremacy with justice.


John S. Bilal, II