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Telling Lies As Truth

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 4:23 pm    Post subject: Telling Lies As Truth Reply with quote

A couple of years ago I would spew out information that I thought was solid and true but turned out to be false after investigation because the Information that I learned from the community around me and from authoritative figures were lies and I would then go around saying the same things that I learned in ignorance.
So I have a few questions that might benefit me as well as other people who read the board. If no experiments have been conducted towards a subject how should a person answer to questions from other people during a conversation? Should the answer be I don't know? Should it be I don't have enough information to comment on that subject?
And also when someone gives information without any mention of sources, data or research to back up their comments what should be done? I read the code book and Mr. Fuller said lying should be avoided but how does a person know when they are lying?

I conducted an experiment with these questions in mind but it was not a well planned experiment with hypotheses, expectations or conclusions, I will have to make time to create a better experiment but here is the one that I conducted.
I was speaking with a group of people who I suspected were white because of their physical characteristics (pink skin, straight hair, red lips. round eyes) and the conversation was over the natural resources in the world.
One of the people said that natural resources in the world were scarce and that there were not enough for all the people in the world to live well if it were shared evenly. I asked the person what natural resource they are talking about. They said any resource. I asked for a specific natural resource. They said diamonds. I asked for what diamonds are used for. They said lasers, computer equipment, and jewelry. I asked for the current world population. They said they didn’t know? I asked for the amount of diamonds that are currently available for human use. They said they didn’t know. I asked for some data or research to back up their statement that there were not enough natural resources in the world for everyone to live well. The person got angry, got some of his companions and left the discussion.
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Edward Williams
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 5:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


That seems to be the perception...that you have to have your counter-racism science experiment written beforehand...but it is not true. Our daily experiences don't work that way. Often times you'll find yourself in a situation where you are in the middle of something happening and you begin to ask question to lead the conversation toward the production of justice.

Just take notes as you have done, get to a place where you have some time to yourself and write it up using the scientific method, and put your data (what you have collected this time) as data from the experiment. Study it in the "scientific method\" format. Write your Pupose (what you intended to accomplish), Observation (what you observed), Hypothesis (why you think something happens or how you think is the best way to solve the problem), Materials (what you needto run the experiment), Experiment (what the experiment consists of and/or how to run it or test your hypothesis), and your Prediction or Scientific Conclusion, etc.

There are many additional headings you can use. Study what you have after you write everything up and you'll see where your mistakes are for proving or disproving your hypothesis. Run the experiment that you have again...and again...and again. Post the data or write up the data eachh time you run the experiment. You'll begin to see how you can use the same experiment, just modify it slightly, for a lot of scenarios. Not only "natural resources", whatever that means, but whether or not racism (white supremacy) exists, different strategies or techniques to use to counter it, etc. Test everything...especially things that Fuller and Welsing say...but of course everything else as well.

Write it up using the scientific method and look at it...study it...does it make sense to you? Test it again. I'll leave this up so that you can write it using the scientific method and record your data that you wrote in your first post. Please do it soon that this thread will not be deleted. I think the conversation was very interesting.
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