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Tragic Arrangement

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2003 11:35 pm    Post subject: Tragic Arrangement Reply with quote

Tacky Pronunciation Key
Trashy Pronunciation Key
Terroristic Pronunciation Key

The Tragic Arrangement.

I don't think this is in the code book but I have heard Fuller mention it often. Under conditions dominated by White supremacy, White people and non White people do not have "relationships"; they have "arrangements". These arrangements always fall into one of three catagories:

Tacky-This is where White people and non white people pretend racism White supremacy is "not an issue". As those of you who have tried it know, it takes a lot of work to maintain this false reality. You are both "acting" and you both know it, niether one of you can relax and just "be yourself". The situation is officially TACKY. Your local news probably has good examples of this tackyness...check out the White and non white news "readers" when they do stories on race[ism].

Trashy--When the Tackyness gets unbearable, one or both parties will try to improve the tackyness with humor but this just makes it worse because the humor used is often of a sexual nature. The late night talk shows usually have good examples of this phenomenon. The J Leno show is a good place to see this in action.

Study the interaction between J Leno and Kevin Eubanks.

It starts off tacky...tacky is as good as it gets under White supremacy. Jay will tell a joke and sometimes Kevin will add a comment that adds to the audience laughter.

But the problem is, WHO GETS THE LAST LAUGH?

A White man and a non white male exchanging "jokes" in front of a live audience. If you pay attention you can see the "jokes" slowly morph into insults.

The outcome is always the same. Jay gets the last insult in on Kevin and Kevin laughs about it. Many times it is of a sexual nature. This is an example of how the White supremacist biuld their "fun" into their work.

The nigger gets insulted, put back in his place, and the White person has "fun" doing it.

Terroristic is the last stage of the arrangement. What if Kevin Eubanks, instead of laughing at the insult and saying "thats cold..."

What if he said," Your wife doesn't think so".


That eighth area conveys a whole lot of information with very few words.

Now, although Kevin is already fired, Jay has a choice. Does he take a chance with another "insult joke" implying that Kevin said what he said because he's been smoking marijauna and risk the nigger;realizing he's already fired, imply that Jay is a homosexual?

Or does he go to a commercial and let the nigger sweat for a while?

I say this is what is really entertaining people. How close can they come to this point without actually reaching it.

The dog is barking and the mailman is standing there...somethin could happen...will it?

If all goes according to White supremacy, after the commercial things will be back to Tacky because under racism White supremacy, Tacky is as good as it gets.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2003 12:31 am    Post subject: . Reply with quote

Kudos Josh this was on point. I'm going to print this one out.

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