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Decoding \"victim speak\"

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2004 12:42 am    Post subject: Decoding \"victim speak\" Reply with quote

Observed Phenomenon:

During a discussion of racism White supremacy a VOR will make one or more of the following statements:

"Racism will always exist..."

"its never gonna change..."

"Im not gonna waste time with that Black shit..."


Statements such as these are the way a victim of racism says "I don't know what to do about it" (racism). Many non white people attempt to compensate for their inabilty to counter the system of racism White supremacy by trying to convince other victims that it can't be done. Many Victims of racism lack the language to even accurately describe their victimization; ergo the "racism will always exist" response.

This experiment is designed to help a victim of racism develope the correct language to describe the problem they face and therefore become better equipped to solve it.


When a Victim of racism says "Racism will always exist";

1. Ask them what they mean by "Racism" (ask them for an example).

2. What ever example you are given, make a constructive compensatory suggestion about how it can be countered.

3. Ask them if they accept it.

4. If they don't, ask them to explain why it won't work and use the data to refine step #2

5. Keep doing this until you reach agreement that the racist practice will be countered by the compensatory behavior.

6. Ask them for another example of racism and follow sequence from step #2


addendum; Make sure the example of racism they provide in step #1 includes their description of HOW the mistreatment is being practiced. The White supremacist teach non white people that racism is just a FEELING; they try to strip the word of function. Help the VOR see the connection between cause and effect by asking them to tell you exactly HOW non white people are HARMED by the practice of racism.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2004 10:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I find that for me the BEST practice is to simply listen (with %100 contact) and ask questions.

If a victim begins to curse. Don't respond to the behavior. Just look them in the eye and remain still and calm. They get the point, ussually. If not just excuse yourself.

When every they don;t curse become MORE friendly. They will become conditioned to not cursing even if it's just around you.

Ask them questions, WHY, WHEN, WHAT are the best to start off with. When they respond accept every thing they say as VALID. Maintain eye contact at all times, even when victims feel ODD cause you are paying attention to THEM and not yourself. They will notice this and their posture will usually shift to be more OPEN. Which means the hands open the stance widens, the back straightens and the face relaxes.

Keep asking questions about THEM, and how THEY are. Reflect BACK onto what they said a few sentences ago, yesterday, last week, last month, ect. Keep asking until they ask you a question.

When they do ask you a question give them a short concise answer and then put the focus back onto them, but keep the conversation constructive and meaningful. When it shifts from that to entertainment, then politly excuse youself.

Remember in order to help them they must feel they can express themselves with you, being as positive and constructive as they can.

*Make sure that when ever you refer to them you say their ENTIRE name. Not, buddy, man, dude, girl.ect. This shows you respect YOURSELF and do not objectify them. Which would be suspect nigger behavior.

*Keep the conversations short at first and try to allways leave with a bounce. This prevents communication from getting TIRED and LAZY.

*If in a bad mood, bring yourself up to greet them with a friendlyness and express that you arn't in a good mood, but you wanted to say hello. They rember this stuff the most it shows you are commited to that relationship.


Any others?
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