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This is approximately 10 minutes of a full length DVD for sale in the Counter-Racism Mall.

Come along on a very interesting counter racism science experiment in which all of the White people except one, function as non-white people. The exception is, the one White person who do not’t function as a non-white person functions as the White supremacist. All of the non-white people function as White people. Watch and learn as the various participants try to solve problems and stay focused during what many would consider a bizarre and disturbing reality; even though we currently exist in it.

This is only an excerpt and in their excerpt there are many things going on at the same time. Pay close attention to what the suspected racist (white supremacist) says and does. Also pay close attention to what the non-white people, who function as white people for the sake of the experiment, say and do. Are they function as white people or are they functioning as suspect racists? Look at them...how can they function as suspect racists...even for the sake of the experiment? Try to see what you're looking at.

Why do some of the non-white people, who are functioning as white people for the experiment, not trying to produce justice? Or are they? Why doesn't the suspect racist (white supremacist) tell the non-white people, who are functioning as white people for the experiment, how to practice racism (white supremacy)? Are the questions that the white people, who are functioning as non-white people for the experiment, are asking ever asked by non-white people to white people?

If you've noticed all of the white people functioning as non-white for the purpose of the experiment are female and all of the non-white people functioning as white fir the sake of the experiment are male. There is a point where a white female who was engaged to a non-white male, both participating in the experiment...the non-white male as a white male and the white female as a non-white female...where the female only asks questions to that particular male and no one else. What is that about?!?

This is a must have DVD for any person serious about studying the behavior of people in reference to the race issue.

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