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Author: Josh Wickett

Vanguard News Network

With the subtitle "No jews. Just Right", VNN is one of the most comprehensive racists web sites I have seen. The content is large, the format sophisticated and for the most part the articles are well written; but then again, what were you expecting? Great writing is part of the plethora of things White people are good [at] (said the nigger with the dangling participle). With more than 20 self described "disgusted and disaffected" White writers VNN is about the closest example I can think of regarding that critical piece of counter racist code [What do White people talk about when there are no Black people around].

Most of the examples are rather unrefined but until you can find a White person to actually tell you what White supremacists talk about when you leave the room; this will have to do. In terms of utility for the person who is White but "doesn't know what to do with it", VNN is batting 1000%. News articles are posted as links with a short analysis from the racist point of view such as:

1. The identification of common criminals when they are non-white.
2. Examples of things White people fear (genetic annihilation…)
3. Pitiful things Black people do under White supremacy.
4. Translations of "politically correct" thought speech and action.

But most importantly, VNN is about
JEWS and more

See the philosophy at VNN is that niggers are the symptom, JEWS are the disease. By "Jew" I can only suspect they mean a non-white person because there are many White people doing some of the same things "Jews" are attacked for by the White writers at VNN. It can be confusing for a non-white person until you understand that "the things Jews do, they do as White people" not niggers. This is what Hitler was talking about in Mien Kampf; they are "impersonating" White people. And you can't have a system of White supremacy if White people are confused about who/what a White person is.
So how does a person "impersonate" a White person?

Well since I'm a Black person I don't know all of the ways it's done, but one way to do it is to practice White supremacy. Yeah, "Jews run Hollywood…" but whom do they run it for? The Pizza maker or the oven designer? (that's a question class)
Ironically most of the criticism of "Jews" on VNN sounds suspiciously like the complaints non-white people have about White supremacy; namely, deception and lies. And this is why at its root, this site is bogus. The White writers at VNN promotes the myth that White supremacy doesn't exist and that if they could "only get White people to think racially, they could "hang up their rope" for good.

See what I mean?

Its bullshit. White people already have a culture of White supremacy, ain't no need to try to "get White people to practice it".

So what is the purpose of a site like VNN?

It takes the heat off White people. In a system of White supremacy, somebody has got to be practicing it, maintaining it and refining it. A site like VNN gives all White people a convenient target to blame when niggers start frownin and grittin on them about racism White supremacy. "It ain't me…I'm just a White person…I didn't do anything…" Kinda like the 5000 White people who show up to protest 10 klansmen.

((((shakin my head))))

I enjoy the site because they come up with information that interest White people that I don't think about because I ain't a White person; such as the fact that Keanu Reeves has a Korean mother or What a White person perceives to be "Jewish features" [small teeth, Koala bear eyes, rat like appearance…]

As Spock would say on Star Trek, "fascinating".

Go to VNN for racism White supremacy cartoons, commentary, movie reviews, satire, historical analysis…in the kind of well written slick, competent format you expect from White people. Maybe someday Black people will have a site with a similar format; one in which articles are linked with an accompanying counter racist analysis of what to look for and what to watch out for. Until then,

Just remember, if VNN did not exist, White people would be forced to invent them because

VNN is racism White supremacy with a "face", the only face that counts, a White persons face.

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