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This series of Counter-Racist Movie Reviews on the Matrix Trilogy is an attempt to aid non-white people, in the form of suggestions, to a more focused approach to solving the problem of racism (white supremacy) by replacing it with a SYSTEM where no person is mistreated and the person that needs help the most get the most help. I attempt to show racist logic and in turn counter-racist logic by using the analogy of the people in the Matrix movies and the logic they use to counter the SYSTEM of injustice (The Matrix) they are faced with and how that correlates to non-white people and the logic they must use to counter the SYSTEM of injustice (racism/white supremacy) that we face.

This series of movie reviews of the Matrix Trilogy will not focus so much on the characters, in terms of the interaction between white people and non-white people, but will mainly focus on THE LOGIC necessary to solve problems. There is a direct correlation between The Matrix (SYSTEM of injustice) and Racism White Supremacy (System of injustice). The Matrix is not only the people that are plugged into a machine generated dream world. The people in Zion are also plugged into the Matrix because they too are subject to the POWER of the machines.

This movie is a case-study in why being able to determine your reason for doing something is as important as how or what you are doing. Replace White Supremacy (Racism) With Justice.

First of all thanks Sophia Stewart for making all of this possible!

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Here we go...

  1. I Wish I Knew
  2. Councilor Hamann
  3. Seraph
  4. The Oracle
  5. Smith
  6. Merovingian
  7. Architect
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