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A Counter-Racist Review of
What Racism/White Supremacy is
And How It Works.

By Winston Wolfe     

            The purpose of this article is to provide clarity to anyone one who is interested in producing a system of Justice by guaranteeing NO PERSON is mistreated and by guaranteeing that the person who needs help the most gets the most help. Apparently, there is a great need on the part of the non-white people of this planet to develop the language (words and their definitions) to counter language that is not designed in their best interest since it seems to be based upon promoting the acceptance of that which is not; Falsehood. Racism/White Supremacy is practiced most aggressively via the use of any language that does not reveal what is actually occurring; illusions. This is a very basic phenomenon that many non-white people fail to “see” due to the constant refinement of this tactic used by the White Supremacists/Racists themselves.

            This process of logically questioning what is commonly accepted can be used to help a non-white person ensure that they aren’t confused about exactly what is actually happening. Although this piece of counter-racist codification may appear to be “simplistic” overall, it is effective enough to help the user remain focused on exactly what the problem is, and the best way to go about solving it without mistreating anyone. In order to position yourself to effectively solve any problem, it should be understood that no major problem that exits between the people of the known universe, can be completely eliminated until the problem of Racism/White Supremacy is completely eliminated. Any other perspective to problem solving would be equivalent to aligning deck chairs on the Titanic. Keep in mind, I could be incorrect.

Follow The Logic…

  1. Look at people who say that they are white. Then, look at them again. Since they are not transparent you can see a contrast between them and their surroundings. Meaning, they have color.


  1. The people who meet all 3-Behavoiral identifiers listed below; do not have the same color as a white-crayon or a glass of milk.

A. Classify themselves as White.

B. Are classified as White by other White people.

C. Function as White at all places at all times.

Follow The Logic…

  1. Look at people who say that they are non-white (i.e. Colored; Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Tan etc) Then, look at them again. Since they are not transparent either, you can also see contrast between them and their surroundings. Meaning, they too have color.


  1. The people who meet any of the following 3- Behavioral identifiers listed below; display the same and/or very similar color and/or ‘factors associated with color’ as the people who have the ability to function as White.
    1. Classify themselves as non-white. (i.e. Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, etc)
    2. Are classified as non-white by people who classify themselves as White.
    3. Function as non-white at all places at all times.

‘If everyone is colored,

Can anyone be a Racist/White Supremacist?’

            According to Racist-Logic and Counter-Racist Logic, only a Racist/White Supremacist can practice Racism/White Supremacy. For that reason, logically speaking, in order for a person to have the ability to take part in a system of mistreatment that is based upon ‘color’, then that person cannot function from a ‘colored’ and/or limited capacity. In order to take part in the power relationship of White Supremacy, they must be able to function with maximum capacity that results from being classified as White by other people classified as White. Racism/White Supremacy is only a man-made behavioral system that the Racists/White Supremacists have skillfully engineered through centuries of refinement, to use what is called “Color” as a vehicle to effectively establish, expand, maintain, and refine the Power relationship of White power over Non-White powerlessness to control and oppress the majority of the people of the known universe at any and all costs. Non-white people do not have the ability to practice Racism/White Supremacy because they are already subject to it in all areas of people activity; Economics, Education, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War. Racism/White Supremacy does not occur in a vacuum. It is the foundation of every “relationship” between the people of this planet because it is the single most powerful political concept/ideology/religion that this world has ever seen.

‘How can one tell the difference between a White person and a White Supremacist/Racist?’

            While existing in a system of Racism/White Supremacy, the only way a victim-of-racism (a non-white person) can be 100% certain that a White person is NOT a Racist/White Supremacist is by the destruction of the system of Racism/White Supremacy altogether. Until this takes place, there is no way a victim can be absolutely certain that a White Person is or is not a Racist/White Supremacist. Moreover, the chief weapon of a Racist/White Supremacist is deception via the use of language. Therefore, it can be dangerous for a victim-of-Racism to accept any other evidence that a White person is or is-not a Racist/White Supremacist other than the replacement of the system of Racism/White Supremacy, preferably with the system of Justice.

            Conversely, although non white people are and have been the collective subjugates of mistreatment on the basis of what is called ‘color’, they do not have the ability to “prove” that a particular White person is a Racist/White Supremacists even if that white person is mistreating them on the basis of Color directly. The Racist Logic that has resulted in a system of White Supremacy has become strong enough to guarantee that only a Racist/White Supremacist can identify another Racist/White Supremacist. If a victim-of-Racism would like to test this phenomenon, the non-white person can experiment by attempting to label a white person as a racist to other white people without the approval of other White people and observe the result. Nevertheless, I would not recommend this experiment based upon the potential results. Remember, even the great Johnnie Cochran needed an F. Lee Bailey?

“In Racial matters, many ‘look’ but few ‘see’. ‘See’ what?

See what they are ‘looking’ at.”

--Neely Fuller Jr. 1967

            Ironically, I suspect these very obvious details are often “overlooked” and/or not “seen” by victims of Racism/White Supremacy because these details hide in plain sight with stunning effectiveness with regard to Deception: The chief weapon of a Racist/White Supremacist. This attempt to illustrate such an insidious yet common pattern of behavior among people is akin to trying to explain water to a fish or “The Matrix” to Neo. Most efforts to describe the vastness of this behavioral system of Injustice, including this one, has so far been inadequate since Racism/White Supremacy still exists.

            I suspect that this power relationship remains unchanged because the will of the people who classify themselves as White who are apparently committed to enforcing the Laws and/or ideology of White Power over non-white powerlessness is stronger than the will of their non-white subjugates to produce and/or promote Laws and/or ideology pertaining to Justice. The people who have the ability to eliminate Racism/White Supremacy do not have the will to do so, and, the people who have the will to do so, do not have the ability. Therefore, as long as Racism/White Supremacy exits, anything said, or done, by people, that is not intended to directly help eliminate Racism/White Supremacy by solving problems in an effort to promote Justice and correctness is a waste of time/energy because Justice is flat-out better than Racism. Keep in mind, I could be incorrect.

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